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Ramirez E2
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Ramirez E2
As we offer a free version for visualizing documents, our file format is certainly a perfect standard for distributing or exchanging Chords and Lyrics. And some sites are effectively doing so. However, Decifra does not really depend on it, thanks to its amazing ability to accept and enrich virtually every text with chords, from TXT files to Internet pages (Potential). So, its music library is virtually unlimited.

Not only for demonstration, see below 12 selected examples, added monthly to this page, in our early days.
Unfortunately, only the last two are in English, coincidentally matching ours plans to launch an English version.
One is Cuban and all others are obviously Brazilian (mostly sambas), which we are proud to introduce you.

January - 2000 - Vela no Breu - Paulinho da Viola & Sérgio Natureza
Sophisticated and beautiful samba included in the CD "Memórias - Cantando", Paulinho da Viola. If you want to know the best of Brazilian samba, buy it (as most of the other CD's from Paulinho da Viola). Download the DEC file or see its image.

February - 2000 - Acontece - Cartola
Simple and sophisticated, at the same time. Masterpiece of a Brazilian master, this song is included in the first Cartola CD (Discos Marcus Pereira, 1974). Don't forget to buy also his second CD (1976). No collection of Brazilian popular music would be complete without these CD's. Download the DEC file or see its image.

March - 2000 - O que é, o que é ? - Gonzaguinha
Gonzaguinha was a symbol of the Brazilian political music during the Militar Dictatorship (1964-1984), but this samba comes from his last period, mostly romantic. Beautiful lyrics, as usual. Download the DEC file or see its image.

April - 2000 - Quero que vá tudo pro inferno - Roberto Carlos & Erasmo Carlos
Born in my hometown, a small city he made famous, Roberto Carlos is the king of Brazilian pop music since the early 60's. A great singer, with a simple repertoire. Download the DEC file or see its image.

May - 2000 - Amigo é pra essas coisas - Sílvio da Silva Jr. & Aldir Blanc
Talking about friendship, this is a quite popular song in Brazil. Beautifully recorded by the MPB-4, a vocal group with a fine work and good musical selection. Probably difficult to find, but worthy. Download the DEC file or see its image.

June - 2000 - Quién me tienda la mano al pasar - Pablo Milanés
Very good and very popular Cuban author and singer. Start buying "Querido Pablo" (with several invited artists from around the world) and then try another one, with "Yolanda" (his major hit, probably). Download the DEC file or see its image.

July - 2000 - Pensando em ti - Herivelto Martins & David Nasser
A romantic song from a romantic composer. Harmony taken from a modern and interesting version sung by Caetano Veloso, in the CD "Sinfonia de Pardais" (Som Livre, 1999), a tribute to Herivelto. Download the DEC file or see its image.

August - 2000 - Carinhoso - Pixinguinha & João de Barro
Almost classic, Pixinguinha is the king of instrumental music composers in Brazil. Hundreds of pieces for flute, sax and clarinet, mostly in the rich Brazilian style called "choro" or "chorinho". Carinhoso has received lyrics and it is certainly between the 5 or 10 mostly admired romantic songs in Brazil. A real must. Download the DEC file or see its image.

September - 2000 - Agoniza mas não morre - Nelson Sargento
Pure samba, no concessions. Included in the CD "Chico Buarque de Mangueira" - BMG, 1998, an interesting CD (insufficient, however, to represent Chico Buarque de Hollanda, a major composer). Download the DEC file or see its image.

October - 2000 - Quando eu me chamar saudade - Nelson Cavaquinho & Guilherme de Brito
Again. Nelson Cavaquinho is a myth in our country, although a poor singer. Almost always very simple, his sambas are quite popular (and numerous). Certainly difficult to find outside Brazil, his Collection CD's could be compared to jewels, if you can penetrate his soul (or the opposite). Download the DEC file or see its image.

November - 2000 - Breathe - Roger Waters, David Gilmour & Rick Wright
Finally. Pink Floyd and one of the best records of all times: "The dark side of the moon" (EMI). Sophisticated harmony and beautiful vocal. Try playing it together with Pink Floyd. Download the DEC file or see its image.

December - 2000 - If I fell - John Lennon & Paul McCartney
To close our selection, a difficult choice, between dozens of fine songs. This was selected because is quite nice to sing (but not very easy). At the end, if you succeed, that will make you feel fine. Download the DEC file or see its image.