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Main objectives and facilities
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1. Chords and lyrics edition, visualization and printing
Ease of use, selective list of chord diagrams, transposition, chord sound, protection against typing mistakes (chord symbols), reliable chord positioning, flexible and rich presentation and printing, etc.
2. Importation of songs from other sources - Check
Ordinary texts (lyrics with chord symbols) can be brought from other sources, includind Internet pages, with automatic suggestion of the correponding chord diagrams (on the guitar fretboard).
3. Chord dictionary and recognition - Check
With an open conception, our dictionary is didactic and learns from the user (new chord types and fingerings can be included). For increased flexibility, each chord type admits an optional symbol.

4. Decifra also organizes your song library, by classifying the songs by author and title.
5. Our files can be opened and printed by anyone, through our free visualization version.