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José Ramirez - Espanha
Average satisfaction index (registered users): 91%

Decifra is strongly recommended by our clients, as revealed by the index above. This is our main reference. Of course, we are also proud of the positive response from Brazilian entities, including Internet sites, magazines and music schools. Now, the same behaviour is fortunately being reproduced outside the Portuguese speaking community...

"It is the best chord software available"
"Try playing complicated Brazilian Bossa Nova music and you'll see that this software is a must! I have tried many others but no one is as complete as this one"

Brazilian references (in Portuguese):

Conservatório Dramático e Musical Dr. Carlos de Campos - The biggest music school in all Latin America, with more than 3000 students. Maestro Neves, its Director, said he "found in Decifra something he missed for more than 15 years" and that "Decifra will be used and recommended by our Conservatoire".

Revista Playmusic - One of the most important Brazilian magazines for chords & lyrics, they have published a very positive review about our software in their 31st Edition, in May, 2000.

Partituras na Internet and Canto Popular - Two examples of service sites who recommend our program, chosen for being among the first ones to do that (and also, for being the most enthusiastic, probably). The first one is out of service.

Brazilian Chords & Lyrics sites (in Portuguese):

Arquivo MPB - The first in its class to recommend us. Lots of selected Brazilian songs, but not very active nowadays. It will probably adopt us one day, if its WebMaster can find himself some time to update it.

Unplugged Cifra Page - The first Internet site to offer documents in our format, they also recommend us quite strongly. Out of service.

Music Express - First site to offer ALL its songs in our format (and to revise them one by one). They also host homepages of alternative artists and distribute legal MP3.

A Casa das Cifras - One of the biggest and most active Brazilian sites in this area, also offering DEC files for download.
Last update: February 03, 2008.