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Ramirez E2 - Espanha
Messages to clients and general news
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Ramirez E2 - Espanha


31/Mar/2012 - Decifra is now a free software

Hoping to count with the comprehension of those who paid for our software, we have decided to make Decifra a free software (keeping the right of using it to display discrete messages from eventual sponsors). With this modification, we intend to preserve our clients from any future problem with passwords, so they can use our programa indefinitely. Moreover, the free version avoid the permission problems introduced by Windows Vista and Seven, which we suspect may have caused some disappointment in some of our users, as Windows asks special authorization every time Decifra is invoked (of course, nothing would really happen, but granting such authorization could be seen as risky by many clients). Finally, we also expect a significant expansion in the number of Decifra users, so all of our users will be favoured by an increasing opportunity of file interchange. For all these reasons, we ask you to tell all your friends about this.




07/Nov/2005 - New revision.

With the new revision 2.02, Windows updates and other minor modifications in your system will not invalidate your unlocking password. So, the inconvenience of having your copy unavailable without any aparent reason will be avoided (of course, all major modifications will continue to affect the computer code, but this shall not surprise anyone and, in these cases, our users must be prepared to simply require a new password). Anyway, REPLACING YOUR VERSION RIGHT NOW IS NOT NECESSARY. To speed up the process, the updating file (Update_Decifra2.exe) may be immediately obtained (from our page "Download"), but it shall only be executed when the password for version 2.01 become invalid (the program will return to the "demonstration condition"). Once installed, version 2.02 shall be used to identify the new computer code (which will have the usual 8 digits, but, now, always starting with the prefix 22). With this code, please require your new password, either through our page "Your Record" or by an e-mail. This substitution is absolutely free of charge, even for those who still have version 1.xx (in this case, even if operative, please upgrade your version immediately).

November 16, 2002
Version 2.0 (in English) officially launched today.
About version 2.0

October/2002 - New version almost ready for sale.
We are proud to announce that Decifra 2.0 will be available for sale in a month or so. Alongside with full compatibility with modern Windows platforms, and several minor improvements, the new version will come with two major facilities:

1. Documents will now count with three new basic elements, with corresponding individual fonts, for visually identifying things like Refrain, Chorus, and Comments. Also, the old elements Title and Author can appear anywhere (and more than once) in the document body, thereby creating the necessary conditions for working with multiple songs in a single document;

2. The functions Print Preview and Page Setup are joined in the same window, with incredible functionality, not easily found in any kind of software, even in professional text editors. Extremely reliable, this function also allows Decifra to make the best possible use of the paper printable area.

The overall result is a quite professional software, now exhibiting an increased advantage over its closest competitors (our first version is already rated as "superior", as mentioned in Opinions).

October/2002 - Free upgrade for clients outside Brazil.
In any upgrade, we are comitted to offer a minimum 50% discount on the new price. And, in fact, unless for those possessing a discount version, our clients in Brazil will have to pay only 40% of the new price. On the other hand, international payments are usually associated to significant deductions, including a fixed amount for each operation. That is why Decifra costs more for such customers than for residents in Brazil. And that is also the main reason why we decided not to charge our international clients for the upgrade. With this policy, such users will most probably get the new version before its official launching. In fact, as soon as we can prepare the corresponding Help file, we intend to instruct these customers to download a Beta version of Decifra 2.0 and write us to require their new free passwords. To compensate our generosity, we will only ask them to report any bug found while using the Beta release, and to convince at least one friend or relative to buy our licence, as wel (if they are fast enough, they can even take advantage of our current price, and get our new version for the price of the old one).


Past news

July/2002 - Another positive comparison.
Without previous notice, a Brazilian music site (Som Brasil) has published an absolutely independent software review, where Decifra is again rated as superior, when compared to direct competitors. We did not receive the maximum grade, which they only gave to more complex softwares, with different and wider objectives. We are sure, however, that our new Version 2 (to be launched this year, initially in Portuguese) will definitely bring us to the top (and to the highest possible grade).

April/2002 - International references.
We are now included into the most prestigious sites for software download in the Web and, specially, into those dedicated to music and musicians, like Harmony Central and Shareware Music Machine. Most important, in every published comparison, our ratings are consistently superior to the rest of our direct competitors. Furthermore, and fortunately, this is recognized not only by first-time users and registered clients (, but also by independent editors (StarMedia Software).

January/2002 - Brazilian general references.
In an absolutely independent and spontaneous way, two of the biggest Brazilian Directories also recommend Decifra. We are naturally included in almost every significant site or portal for Internet Search and Directory, specially in Brazil, but Zoom and Bol - O Melhor da Internet have actually spontaneously reviewed our site, our product and our services. Of course, as for any commercial site, they have probably observed us in terms of overall reliability, also. At the end, they have included Decifra and our site among the best services in the Internet, using their own words (and not as the result of an ordinary search). Incidentally (but not surprisingly), in the same exact way as we are seen by our clients. To check their opinion, search there for "Decifra".

Last revision: February 07, 2007.