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José Ramirez - Espanha

More than a Chord Dictionary and an Editor for Chords & Lyrics Documents, Decifra has been developed, since its conception, to be an actual standard for document exchange in this area. To achieve such ambitious purpose, it offers:

Support of a powerful chord databank
- the chord type constitution is acknowledged by the program, making it 'intelligent';
- each chord admits several different constructions in the guitar fretboard (fingerings);
- the catalogue can be expanded for both chord types and fingerings;
- fingerings can be easily identified, analyzed and built, for a given chord;
Fast and safe document edition
- easy to use, compared to notation programs (complex) and text editors (limited);
- internal musical knowledge prevents most mistakes and errors in chord notation;
Compatibility with text documents
- import documents from Internet pages or text files (and export in the same format);
- the text conversion rules establish a useful standard for text file exchange;
Organization and good presentation
- great flexibility and quality for presenting and printing documents;
- graphical schemes of chord fingerings can be selectively included;
- documents can be recovered by title/author (forget all filenames);
Musically rich documents
- specific and multiple fingerings can be chosen for each chord;
- chords and fingerings can be heard and examined in detail;
- extremely easy transposition of songs;
Convenient document exchange
- even rich, saved document are quite small (and accept file compression);
- free Decifra version for visualizing and printing documents;